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"With man this is impossible, but with God ALL things are possible." Matthew 19:26


Weirdest thing: I was asked for another recipe tonight. So I will post it as well for all to enjoy. It is a wonderful potatoe dish...so here's to you Josette---enjoy! By the way: you can spell Potato, with or with out an "e". Potato----Potatoe. Your choice...

Smothered and Covered Red Potatoes

Red Potatoes (ever how many you want-2-3 potatoes=1 serving)
Sour Cream
Real Bacon Bits (or you can fry up some bacon)
Shredded cheddar or shredded velveeta cheese
chives or chopped green onion
1 pack Ranch Dry mix
salt and pepper! (don't forget the s&p)

Cube potatoes. Boil potatoes. After boiling, while still hot, add butter and cheese so these items will melt. After potatoes have cooled down a bit, add other ingredients. Add milk last (just enough to "wet" it, so the potatoes won't be dry. And Lordy---don't forget the salt and pepper!

As you can see, there are no measurements (except for the 1 packet of dressing mix)...I really do just wing it quite often. All of this is to your taste...if you like it real cheesy, add more cheese...if you like a lot of bacon, add more bacon. Get it?

Serve hot if possible.
Enjoy and yum yum!!!

I ran into a precious friend while at the grocery store. She requested that she had a blog to go to that would list some good recipes. As a matter of fact, I was shopping for ingrdients for a wonderful PASTA SALAD that is a favorite wherever it goes: so, here it is Brandi:

Dara's yum yum Mexican Pasta Salad!

1-2 boxes tri colored spiral pasta
1 bell pepper (diced)
1 white onion (diced small)
1 medium can of sliced black olives
mini tomatoes (cut in half and as manyas you want)
2 cans mexican style corn
pepperoni slices (cut into small pieces)
Italian Dressing (plain or Zesty--I prefer plain)
KRAFT mayonaise
1 pack Taco seasoning mix

First let me preface these directions by saying that I usually don't measure anything...just "IN" it goes...and after searching through frig and pantry I come up with something...so good luck...ha!

Cook pasta...set aside and cool.  Put all dry ingredients into pasta. Add mayonaise (according to your taste and consistency desire...i don't put too much but you definately know its in there) after mixture is cooled off some. Add taco seasoning (you don't need to put entire packet if you don't want, whatever suits your taste), add Italian dressing (according to your taste again)...chill mixture covered until ready to serve (let ingredients flavors mix together for a while)...when you serve the salad, you might want to give an extra squirt of dressing and mix it up to give it that extra punch...Oh Lordy!...don't forget salt and pepper!!!!!!! Mix together well.

Happy eating!  and yum yum!

By the way: you can easily turn this into a main dish by adding smoked sausage or diced ham...just saying