Words to live by:

"With man this is impossible, but with God ALL things are possible." Matthew 19:26

Friday, March 4, 2011

"we" time...is even better

I work with children.
I know I've written another blog about how much I love them...but there is something that has been bothering me...a lot.

Instead of "beating up" people, I try to simply advise or strongly encourage...

Love your kids.
Simple right?
Oh I know you "love" them...but make them your priority.
I mean really.
Make sure they are clean...hair brushed...teeth brushed...clothed properly...taught manners...taught how to repsect.
These are the basics.
These things take little effort, but they DO take effort. You'll need to "give" a little.
Remember, they are children.
They are learning about LIFE every day for the first time.
Let them be KIDS. Let them play, let them scream, let them laugh out loud, let them get on your nerves (at least for a little while)...
There's a time and palce for everything.
But, guess what?
You have to teach them these things. You are the PARENT...they are the CHILD...
Please don't expect them to know these things when they come into this big world.
Teach them, period. (Learn it for yourself first, and then teach it to them. Teach them by YOUR OWN words and actions...oh dear...they're going to learn from you anyway...be careful)
Someone asked me once how I did everything I do for my kids by myself (I'm a single mom)...my reply was one I thought was just obvious..."I've had my turn, now it's their's"...
But I have seen that this statement was not so obvious.
I see children from "good" people, that are so lonely, fending for themselves, raising themselves.
My heart breaks...
Parents: you are missing out. Just put the other stuff down. Forget all that stuff. Don't waste anymore time. Time goes by second by second...you don't get it back...ever.
Spend your time with your kids. But do it with an open heart. Love the time you spend with them. Be happy, not resentful.
Cheer them on,
    encourage them,
           smile at them,
               wink at them,
                     applaud them,
                           laugh with them,
                                tell a joke,
                                    go get a "treat' together,
                                         do something unexpected,
                                             walk in the park,
                                                get off the phone
                                                   stop texting--look at them 
                                                       go get an ice cream,
                        go to a movie (let them pick-and you endure it)...
time is so much more valuable than 'things'.
Of course those things are fun too...but when they look back (maybe on their graduation day), what they will remember is "YOU"...the time spent together...what it was like. Will their memory be filled with lonliness, argueing, never able to please, constant repremanding???
Let them be who they ARE...not who you WANT them to be.
Choose your battles.
It's ok to let some things go.Think first. Does is "really" matter?
I mean, really?

You cannot imagine the fulfillment you will receive
                              when you stop living "FOR" yourself...
                                             and start giving "OF" yourself.

It's a proven fact.
Children are a gift from God...do you get excited when you open gifts?
The gift of a child is the greatest gift of all...it should make your heart beat faster when you see that precious angel run across the yard, chasing fireflies, laughing til they cry, squirting each other with the hose, cuddling up on the couch, reading a bedtime story, walking hand in hand (even if they're 18 years old), sleeping...

Take your children to church. Teach them about GOD.
What a tragedy if we don't take the time to do this.

Put yourself aside.
Sure, you can have "some ME time",
I promise that "WE time" is even better.

These are my Thoughts,
Dara Murphy

Sunday, February 27, 2011


I was reminded tonight of:

where I came from
      how far I've come
             the mountains I've climbed
                    the valleys I've trodded
                             the great people in my life
                                            the battles I've won
                                                  the sinner I was, the sinner I am...

and I was reminded of who pulled me through, who held my hand, who wiped my tears, who provided it all:

                                                      My Sweet JESUS.

Some people reading my blog may think I am a crazed Jesus fan (you're right), an obsessed Christian (you're right), a Jesus lover (you're right)...it's ok if you think that...I simply know where I was before and where I am now and I am thankful. I mean really, he died for ME.
My life has been different, difficult, delightful, dutiful, despairing, dilusional, delicious, and at times, just dandy.
But through it all, it has been dedicated. My Jesus dedicated his love to me BEFORE I was even born...
I am the lucky one.
I know how incredibly hard it is to live a life on the other side of the track: without him.
But (thank you Jesus), I know how incredible it is to live a life on THIS side of track: WITH him.
If it's all the same to you, I'll continue life on THIS side.
There's still heartaches, trials, despair, stress, hills and valleys...but the DIFFERENCE is that I'm not the one that has to handle it all. It is now handled be the DIVINE: my Jesus.

Thank you Lord, for reaching down and picking me up out of the lowest time of my life. I did not DESERVE the special attention. I did not DESERVE the mercy. I did not DESERVE the blood you shed for me. I did not DESERVE it all.

But I give my life to you...and I thank you for caring.
For without you I am DEFEATED...I am DONE...
But with you I am...well...

Thank you Jesus.
These are my thoughts,