Words to live by:

"With man this is impossible, but with God ALL things are possible." Matthew 19:26

Monday, March 7, 2011

It really is the only way

Sitting here after a 13 hour day and then more homework at home.
It's 11:30 and I am blurry eyed...

My thoughts are wandering to a day of conversations.
I see many people throughout my days...I talk, I listen, I advise, I take advice, I laugh, I cry, I extend a hand, I am humbled, I love, I pray.

Our hearts are troubled.
My heart is troubled.
This world is troubled.
Priorities are out of control...we don't even know what's supposed to be a priority.
There are people, many people, with burdens so heavy.
My heart aches for them, so I offer a simple gesture, a hug, a shoulder, a promise.

Here are the things that have crossed my path:
this week.

Young Adulthood: A young person fresh out of high school faced with such hard and life altering decisions and has never faced such a crucial time before. It seems like it's too much. What do I take? What is my future? It's too hard! I can't do this! Where do I work? What do I do? I need more money. Not enough time. Exhausted. I need ... I need a hug. I need to cry. It's too fast. I'm not ready to grow up. I miss the days not so long ago. Those really "were" the best days of my life. I can't make a decision. I'm scared. Why does it have to be like this? It's not easy to grow up. This isn't what I thought it would be like. I always wanted to grow up so fast...what was I thinking. Help!

Looking Back: Someone looking back on what could've been. If only...I wish...Should I have? There are things I want to do. I worry. I have dreams. I'm scared.  I love my family. What should I do from here? Why didn't I know? Why did I ever do that? Such regrets. What is the future? The past, a lot of mistakes. I'm good, really...but... Just wondering. Just thinking. Just dreaming. Time really does fly.  Help!

Adolescence:  A child approaching the young adult years...so many deicisions!. I want my mom. My mom embarrases me. I love my mom. Stop it mom. I can't "wear" that! That's lame. That's cool. What is this on my face? Oh my gosh! Too much to do...not enough to do. I hate homework. School---uggghhh. When am I ever gonna need that in life??? WHy do I have to learn all that?! I can't wait to grow up! I need your help! No! I can do it on my own! I'm not a baby! Will you hold me? I love you (whispers). A tear. Wiping the tears in silent. Embarrased. Giggles. Chatterbox. Won't speak. It's ok...I understand my child. Help!

Middle Aged:  Life becomes such a struggle sometimes. It's too much. Too hard. Not enough time in the day. What about me!? I give give give! WHat about me?  I've never faced this before. I try so hard, but get nowhere. I just wanna laugh a little! I need break! So what am I supposed to do? If only there were more of me! Sleep? ha! Peace? ha! I can't do this anymore. Really. It's too late now. I'm desperate. Time has flown. Me?? Middle aged? You're crazy...well? I wanna scream! Pull my hair out!  Help!

We're all so different...but yet, so much the same.
Why do we keep it on our own shoulders when we are so weak? We can't do it alone...
So who do we go to?
There's only one answer...and you know don't you?
He begs us...pleads with us to let Him...

L ay your burdens
O n me..
R ight now, because
D aily I will carry them for YOU.

It really is the only way.
These are my thoughts:


  1. "My thoughts" is so dear to me you seem to read my heart & mind at times. You make me laugh, cry,search my heart, and realize how blessed I am. Keep speaking and sharing from your heart Precious Dara..you are touching so many lives.

  2. Thank you to anonymous. It means so much, the words you said: because its exactly what inspires me...my love for others.Im so glad a help you in such a small way. I just wish I knew who you were...haha.
    But seriously, thank you from the pit of my heart.