Words to live by:

"With man this is impossible, but with God ALL things are possible." Matthew 19:26

Sunday, February 27, 2011


I was reminded tonight of:

where I came from
      how far I've come
             the mountains I've climbed
                    the valleys I've trodded
                             the great people in my life
                                            the battles I've won
                                                  the sinner I was, the sinner I am...

and I was reminded of who pulled me through, who held my hand, who wiped my tears, who provided it all:

                                                      My Sweet JESUS.

Some people reading my blog may think I am a crazed Jesus fan (you're right), an obsessed Christian (you're right), a Jesus lover (you're right)...it's ok if you think that...I simply know where I was before and where I am now and I am thankful. I mean really, he died for ME.
My life has been different, difficult, delightful, dutiful, despairing, dilusional, delicious, and at times, just dandy.
But through it all, it has been dedicated. My Jesus dedicated his love to me BEFORE I was even born...
I am the lucky one.
I know how incredibly hard it is to live a life on the other side of the track: without him.
But (thank you Jesus), I know how incredible it is to live a life on THIS side of track: WITH him.
If it's all the same to you, I'll continue life on THIS side.
There's still heartaches, trials, despair, stress, hills and valleys...but the DIFFERENCE is that I'm not the one that has to handle it all. It is now handled be the DIVINE: my Jesus.

Thank you Lord, for reaching down and picking me up out of the lowest time of my life. I did not DESERVE the special attention. I did not DESERVE the mercy. I did not DESERVE the blood you shed for me. I did not DESERVE it all.

But I give my life to you...and I thank you for caring.
For without you I am DEFEATED...I am DONE...
But with you I am...well...

Thank you Jesus.
These are my thoughts,



  1. I am not sure how I found your blog, but I used to come into your store in Saks! I loved it!
    You have a beautiful family & happy to see you are doing great!

  2. HOw funny...thanks for posting a note to let me know. Hope all is great for you as well...
    maybe we'll meet up again by way of blog again soon.
    take care!