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"With man this is impossible, but with God ALL things are possible." Matthew 19:26

Friday, January 28, 2011

Well, today was a day of thinking mainly. As I drove alone (which isn't very often) to Atlanta, I pondered so many thoughts. I turned my praise music on and off I went, to the big A.T.L.---as I drove, I wondered if God would place someone in front of me today that I needed. I was just going to pick up some new jewelry for the new season, but I thought that maybe I would meet up with someone that would need or know Jesus, hmmmm.
As I drove, I inched my music up louder and louder...I was praisin' in the car goin down I-20!!! HA! I loved it! It didn't bother me that I was singin' to the top of my lungs or that I was raising my hands toward the heavens...and it didn't matter who saw me doing it! For that ride was just me and my Savior! I even laughed out loud a few times, for whatever reason. It was good. God is good.
I love capping over the hill just past six flags when you can see the high rise city of Atlanta...I don't know why this multi-cultural, busy city makes me feel at ease...it was a beautiful morning.
It was a rather relaxing day...strolling you might say. I was about to leave to come home when I talked with one last person. I didn't get his name...somehow we managed to talk about what it is we do for a living...he was a good looking young man, working part time at one of my vendors but also about to head to what???? Seminary??? and a part time Youth Pastor??? I found the person I was to speak with...or should I say, God put him there. We talked about out ministries, his work as a missionary and his hopes of continued blessings. In the middle of a simply jewelry purchase, the young man that was helping me was a Christian. Thank you GOd for the little things. I enjoyed our talk...sometimes you just wonder, if in such a city as this, are there people out there that think the same as you, believe the same as you, worship the same as you? Yes.
THe drive home was gorgeous...Atlanta high rises in the background, sunshine in the foreground...Jesus took the wheel. I sa tback and listened to him, laughed a little, sang a lot, smiled, waved...again, it was good.
This may all sound silly or one might ask, and????
Well, it's just...simple. Me and Jesus had a great day together. What more do you want? I'm full.
and so for now, These are My Thoughts...

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  1. Dara, these are some of my favorite times with God. Just me and Him, the lover of my soul in the car. Praying, singing, loving... living with and for Him. I could just picture you in your car, like I have done so many times before as well. God is so good to us. He just adjusts our schedules for us sometimes so we can be alone with Him. I am so glad we serve such a Savior who would take the time to do that.
    I love you Dara, not because we work together, but because we serve together. You are such an inspiration to me as well as many others. Thank you for your willingness to open your heart to all of us. I love you with all of my heart, my special, special friend.