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"With man this is impossible, but with God ALL things are possible." Matthew 19:26

Saturday, January 29, 2011

You better hold on...cause here it comes!

Something that I have been thinking about so much lately...I pondered whether or not to put it out there or not, but my heart is heavy. Oh don't get excited, it's not a deep hidden secret about myself or about anybody else...it's something that we will all encounter, some soon and some later, but indeed, we all will go through it.

As I always want to be an encourager for others, uplifting, non-judging, and simply a friend---my thoughts and hearts desires are pure and totally in your favor. SO with all of that said: here goes...

Salvation---God---Jesus---Religion---Riding the fence---Hypocracy---Baptism---Relationship

SO much attention is given to: do "they" go to church? They are all hypocrites over there, so I'm not gonna be a part of it. Don't tell me what to do. I'm tired today. It's raining so I'm gonna stay in. I can worship at home, Not right now-I'm just not ready. I said the prayer when I was a kid...I'm good. I've got my own way of believing. I'm not gonna be a hypocrite so I'll wait til I'm ready. They act snobby there. They hurt my feelings, so forget it!

Wow! Did you find a common bond within each of the statements or questions above? How about the words, "I", I'm", "Me"..to sum the problem up before the explanation, it's not about "ME" (or you)!
These things are all simple excuses to try to aviod something we ALL know we will face. Responsibility. Oh dear...there it is again...forget me---no! But....    sorrrrryyyyy...

It's ALL about Him!
Please don't take this the wrong way. I'm not "preaching" to you or judging you or trying to badger you...I've been on the other side. I've said those things. But those days are long ago, and I thank God every day for giving me the wisdom and knowledge I need to really KNOW what it's all about. Actually, my heart hurts for those that don't get it, or refuse to try.
    We are a selfish species, humans. We want, want, want, but it gets harder the more we are expected to give, give, give. Why? Oh believe me...I remember the day when I did this very thing so well. I could do everything "I" wanted but when it came to others or even worse, God...I found every excuse in the book...what about ME???!!! Doesn't anyone care about ME!??!!!   Well the answer to that question is so simple---YES! There is! His name is Jesus!
     It's called sacrifice, selflessness, giving, helping others first, doing unto others as you would "want" them to do to you...and the end result is that YOU---yes YOU---will come out the winner! Believe me, the blessings are so unbelievable and supernatural that I can't hardly explain it. The things in the world that used to mean so much became obsolete, uninteresting, uninviting. It was wierd; those "items" that I craved, just didn't do it for me anymore. I wanted Him...I wanted to know Him better...I studied about Him, I talked to Him, I sang to Him...and guess what??? it started changing...I, Me, Mine became Him, His, Jesus. Do I regret anything? Do I miss anything? Do I have desires to do or seek those other things? Sometimes. But then I call his name...and HE calls me back---"dara", seek only me---I will give you the desires that will make your life complete. He's there---every time.
   Those times that I used to find every excuse to NOT go to worship? Well, there were days when I wanted! needed! to lay in my bed or stay at home or go with my friends...but I persevered and went to worship. Those were the times when He grabbed me the hardest. He said, "thank you dara...I love you"! It was so loud and clear! Every single time. listen to me---Every single time.
   And then after I got over the "ME" syndrome...I started reaching out to others. YOWZA!!!!! My life is abundantly and richly, overwhelmingly FULL!!!! It's just not about ME! It's about Him! Are you getting it? DOn't judge others...you won't answer for them. You will stand before HIM, and he will hold YOU accountable for every thing YOU'VE done. He will not say, "so let me ask? why did 'johnny' do that?" He will ask YOU why "You" did that.
    Have a heart full of joy, compassion, love. Get rid of the hurt. Forgive. I mean FORGIVE. Forgiveness is "letting it go without expecting ANYTHING in return" (because most every time, you will not get anything back, sorry...and then go forward, never to return. They will answer for their own wrong, not you--remember? Find a way (through Jesus) to see the best in even your worst enemy. Wow! Did I say that? Yep? I've done it...I do it...every day. Yes, I have people that have hurt me----a lot... so?...let it go. It wasn't hurting them, it was hurting me. My heart doesn't hurt as much, I can see more clearly, I can GIVE easier. But I couldn't do all that without letting it go---FORGIVING! I needed to honor God, and I could not do this with ahte and bitterness in my heart...and I had it---boy did I have it! But I'm here to tell you, it's gone. Digging down deep, and not returning.
By the way: this doesn't mean that it won't happen again...forgive them "70 x 7"...that's a lot! (That's what Jesus tells us to do.)
     Relationship -- with HIM. It's not about a prayer that you said when you were a child in order NOT to go to hell...a deed...an act...a duty. It's ALL ABOUT making Jesus CHrist LORD of your life. He's the boss, He's the one to please, He's the priority! Not sports, fashion, decor, money, fame, power, popularity, music, cars, houses, on and on and on...It's about building a bond between YOU, yes YOU, and the creator of all things. When you want to know someone better, how do you go about it? Talk, Call, Respond, Do kind things for, Sacrifice...yep. That's called relationship. Jesus wants this from YOU! DOn't feel like he's asking for too much, after you get the hang of it, it's not NEARLY ENOUGH!!! If you prayed a prayer at some point in your life to recieve CHrist as your Savior, was there a chan ge in your life? NOt a change like HE gave you all your desires...but a change like YOU were out to please HIM!!! with everything you did and said...if there wasn't, then????? wellllll...take a real close look. Be careful about this...it could mean everything.
Just to let you know:  he's the best friend I've ever known...he never lets me down...remember it's not about you.
     Obedience -- simply read it for yourself...open the Bible, and see what is RIGHT or WRONG...don't try to figure it out, don't try to make it fit your lifestyle, don't try to re-word it...it's all in black and white (and red)...the rest is up to you. Either do it.........or...not. Your choice. Simple. Also, it's a good idea not to point out everyone else's faults to them...they will probably just turn it around on you and then everyone just gets mad...what good did that do? Look it up: something about "take the PLANK out of your own eye before you remove the splinter from theirs..." just some words I've read in the BIBLE...look it up for yourself.  Just work on YOU. I mean REALLY work on YOU.
   This isn't a game. God (Jesus) knows YOUR heart and YOUR intentions. You easily can hide from all of us...but you CAN NEVER hide from him...not a scare tactic...just truth. THink about it...you can't even try to reason it out with him...he knows your every thought...he knew your name before you were conceived. A lot to absorb huh?
     Reward---The reward for this way of life--- you know!?? (a relationship with Jesus...sacrifice...selflessness)...well???? It says in the Bible, that your reward is being prepared right now...by Jesus himself...that is, in heaven, where you will get to spend eternity. That is, if you decide to make it (your life) all about HIM...get it?

To wrap it all up---
       I'm not trying to offend (although it you take this as offensive, then precisely what I'm talking about)...I'm not "preaching" to you...I'm not "pushing religion" on you.
Listen---here goes---(This is the only time it's about you)---It's YOUR choice.
I believe in the Bible and this is where I get my facts.
I believe with every breath that I take that what the Bible teaches is undisputably correct.
I've studied these words.
I believe in them, and try my best to live by them.
No I am not perfect...and don't intend to be...but my JUDGE doesn't expect me to be.
In fact, he made that perfectly clear when HE died for ME.    
Oh wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
It "IS" about ME!!!

SO for now...These are My Thoughts.

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