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"With man this is impossible, but with God ALL things are possible." Matthew 19:26

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I love teenagers.

I have a heart for teenagers.
I love the way they are uninhibited, laughing hysterically, silly, into new trends, making new trends, facing life, fearful of life, ...loving life.
I think back when I was one of those...teenagers.
And then I get scared...
Lordy, Lordy...I was all of the above, but you can also add: fearless, risk-taker, dreamer, wild & crazy, knew no limits, took chances, "do now...think about it later" kind of...well, teenager, and then some (years that is).
Don't get me wrong. I was who I am now, in my heart...but just a lot more "none the wiser".
Oh how I had so much to learn! Yes, I thought I knew it all...boy did I!!!!
But guess what...I was wrong. WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG. There, I said it. Yes, it's hard to admit it...but it's simply the truth. Just wrong...right about a "few" things, wrong about a lot.
I was indestructable...living life to the fullest.
Making CHOICES...one at a time.

This is where things started taking directions, with choices.
Choices...big ones, little ones, a lot of them...I made them all.
Some were good, some were bad...and then,
Some were just plain...

I'm almost 46 years old now...I've learned so much. And I have a lot more to learn.
In fact, I can bet, that I'll never stop learning.
This is where teenagers come in...
If I can help in some very small way...help them, steer them, guide them, advise them. Stop them from doing some of the things that so many of us (45) year olds look back and regret.
I don't live in total regret...I have made some wonderful choices along with the not so wonderful ones...but I've learned something---much--- from them all.

So here goes:
1. You don't know everything. I'm sorry to break this to you---it shocked me too. But, as much as I hate to admit it...it's true. Just take my word for it---please!
2. Since you don't know everything... stop long enough to actually listen to heartfelt advice from the people you repec; those that have high morals and Godly character. Find someone to trust, talk to them (an older, wiser person), let them help you...be patient, open-minded...and PRAY.
3. WHen you think you're 22 years old and time is running out to find that "perfect" one...STOP! Relax! It's not to late! Wait for the person that is perfect for you. GOd has a plan. He wants YOU to find that perfect one...made in HIS image, just for you! They're out there. Be still and know that God has a plan. 
     --Don't lower your standards.
     --DO NOT try to chage them! This will NOT work! They are who they are...if you don't like them this way, then think twice---three times---!!!ugggghhhhh
     --Don't change yourself FOR them. The day will come when you want yourself back! You are who YOU are...God gave you certain traits, personality, and talents that you should expand on. If you try to change for someone to please THEM, the day will come when you miss yourself...and that will be a sad day, (for you.)
     --WHen you find that "special one" look at their family...it's the total package. For real.
     --Find the one who you REPSECT and the one who RESPECTS you. If you don't know what respect means: Webster states that it is... high or special regard. When you look at that person, you should respect their character, their morals, their habits, their talents; you should respect every part of them.
     --Here goes...respect yourself enough to wait. (you know what I'm talking about) God made this part of marriage a very sacred event between a man and wife. Save yourself for the one,,,"THE" one. This is so important but so hard to explain...It's just what God intends for us to do and it should be held to the highest standard. It's meant to be special...a bond...for that ONE person. After marriage. Not before, "well-we're gonna get married anyway...well, I love him/her, so why wait..." No! Don't fool yourself. It is plainly stated in God's Holy Word. Wait. Each person should respect the other with this decision...mutual...just do it: save yourself, that is.
     --Marriage = support, encouragement, respect, admiration, lifting-up, sacrifice, selflessness, trials, victories, sharing, caring, patience, pride, and of course----GODLY LOVE.
4. Remember that it only takes ONE CHOICE to change your life forever. Don't play the game called "Do it now, worry about it later..." that outlook often ends up in a lifetime of "looking back". Think ahead...
5.  Be careful in all you do. You are not the "only" one it won't happen to. You are NOT indestructable.
6. Set goals...small ones each day...don't think ahead until you reach the one in front of you. Reach your goals. You will be proud.
7. Achievment is important! Strive to be the BEST YOU can be...you may not be "THE" best, but you CAN be "YOUR" best...Be proud of yourself. Do the things you would be proud of...the things that you see other people doing and you say : I wish I were more like that....be someone that YOU"RE PROUD OF.
8. Be a dreamer. Dreamers were the ones who gave us the "internet highway"..the way I'm writing this to you now....it's possible that YOU could be "THE ONE"! Go for it! Step out there...raise the bar...You can do it! It's a big, big world...with endless opportunities for all of us. Don't settle. Reach for the stars! And lean on the MAKER of the STARS.
9. There is a right AND a wrong. BOTH come with consequences. Be careful which one you choose...you will always endure the outcome of a choice.
10. Be caerful about what you LOVE the most...is it "things"??? Eventually, these "things" will stop satisfying...the most important things in life are not....THINGS. Love one another.
11. Last but not least...in fact, it's the most important thing in life: Trust GOD. He created you. He loves you. He wants the very best for you. He will Help you. Make sure he is in EVERY decision you make. Please Him. It's really simple...but yet so very hard...do the things that please Him, and don't do the things that you would be embarrased to do in front of Him. If He walked in the room with you, would you be ashamed? would you fall to your knees in complete and utter AWE and wonder, looking in the eyes of YOUR Savior? or would you even know it was Him?
I love teenagers.
Actually, not just teenagers...

These are my thoughts,

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