Words to live by:

"With man this is impossible, but with God ALL things are possible." Matthew 19:26

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I am thankful...

I've thought a lot today of where I am in my life.
I have a very decent life.
To some it isn't glamorous,
It might not be the "high life",
In fact, it's rather simple.

But my life is full.
So very full.

I have more precious friends than I deserve:
Friends that love me just for me...that have loved me through the hardest of times...that have loved me when I made poor choices...that have never turned their back on me.
I have friends.

I have a wonderful job:
a job that I have never, even one day, dreaded going to. A job that is full of blessings. One that I can use the talents God gave me. One that is full of people who love each other and who love Jesus. One that provides a roof, food, and our needs.
I have a job

I have my health:
I am able to rise each day and do most anything I want to. I can walk, run, skip, laugh, see, hear, talk...I hardly have a need to go to the doctor...I feel good most every day.
I have my health.

I have plenty of things:
I have clothes, a car, beautiful things that hold memories in my house, I have a house, I have a yard, I have a bedroom of my own, I have enough to last a lifetime.
I have things.

I have the 2 best children in the world:
I have a daughter and son who know Jesus. I have a beautiful daughter that is hard-working, caring, intellegent, independant, loving, successful and has a great sense of humor. I have a son that is all boy---a great athelete, one who makes me proud on and off the fields, one that is creative, intelligent, caring, loving, handsome, healthy and warms my heart.
I have 2 kids.

I have a great family:
a mother, 2 brothers, a sister in law, 2 nieces, 2 nephews, who love me and whom I love with all of my heart. One that is there for me whenever I need them...a family that knows and loves Jesus.
I have a family.

I have an abundance of fond memories:
memories that flood my mind each day. Ones that I can share, teach by, laugh at, cry at...ones that I can just remember when I want...Ones of childhood...ones of my dear father...ones that I can learn by.
I have memories.

I have talents beyond my wildest dreams:
I was given many talents, I use those talents to serve Jesus. I don't deserve them all, but as I've been given---I am here to give back.
I have talents.

Last but not least:
I have Jesus. I havent always known Jesus as I do now. I have grown to know him through the years...He saved me...I am guided by him in everything I do...I serve Him...I am blessed beyond measure by Him...He constantly amazes me...He loves me so much He died for me.
I have Jesus.

So as I sit here tonight, I just feel lucky.

I feel taken care of.
I feel blessed.
It's a good way to live.
I don't make excuses for the way I live.
I live the way I think would make my Savior proud...for it's HIM that I will answer to one day.
I won't answer to anyone of this Earth...so I live to please HIM.
I am happy.
Sometimes I'm sad.
Mostly I'm content...for now.
I am thankful.
SO very thankful.

So for today:
These are my thoughts,


  1. Beautiful! We all are so blessed!

  2. Thank you Shane: you are a person i call friend.

  3. Aww. Thanks :) I feel the same way