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"With man this is impossible, but with God ALL things are possible." Matthew 19:26

Monday, February 21, 2011

Something I was thinking about...

Something I was thinking about today:

I think about what God expects from me throughout each day. This may seem weird to some people out there...and it wasn't the way I lived my life for many years...but now, it is (and has been for quite some time). I can promise that my life is very different than it was before.
I do things I never did, and I "don't" do things I used to do. It's just a different way to spend my time here on Earth.
Something most people don't understand is that it's not about "NOT" doing certain things...it's about doing things that PLEASE God. There are so many people that don't turn their life toward God because they're not "ready" to give up certain things...but that's just not the way it is.
God wants you JUST THE WAY YOU ARE...right now.

I was talking with a dear friend today...we were talking about the misunderstandings surrounding so many aspects of being a Christian...
*Being a Christian doesn't mean that you will instantly become "perfect".
 You are, and always will be, a sinner. The difference is that as a christian, you are forgiven.
*Being a Christian doesn't automatically give you a  right to pass judgement to others...instead, your  heart should be filled with compassion for those that don't understand.
 Don't pass judgement-- try to pass on what Jesus did for you...think about it...it was infact Jesus himself, that said: "Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do."...and then they hung Him on a cross and watched him die, while they laughed in his face...pretty deep, huh?
*Being a christian DOES mean to be Christ-Like. Jesus asks us to be like Him, to follow Him, to do as He did. As silly as it sounds..."What Would Jesus Do?" is quite profound.  We should teach the things that Jesus asks of us to those that don't have that knowledge...this can be taught by our actions AND by our words...
*Being a christian DOES mean you will go to heaven to spend eternity...GOD's word states clearly that "Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." So, everyone is eligible...but it is a CHOICE. Those that do not call upon the name of the Lord to become LORD of their life, will not enter heaven. You do not get to heaven through good works alone...you must know Jesus as your Savior. That's what it says...and it's nothing but the truth.
*Being a christian does not give you a permit to be "mean"...why is it that some "christians" are so mean? GOD IS LOVE...if He lives inside you, how can you be mean? Don't fool yourself...God knows your heart better than you do...(cough cough)
*Being a christian does not mean you get to "PICK" your sins, or "PICK" what part of God's word you want to live by...it's a BOOK from front to back...it's a law...it's all in there. Don't alter it, leave out, put in, assume, "maybe it means"...it's written in black and white (and red)...just read it and then live it...simple huh?.
*Being a christian means living with God's standards. Be careful, His standards are pretty high...in fact, to Him---hate is murder and lust is adultry...(oh dear).  In fact, "favoritism" is considered a sin...(it results from evil thoughts-it insults poeple made in Gods image-it goes against Gods definition of Love-it shows a lack of mercy to those less fortunate-it is hypocritical-it is a sin.) So...some things as simple as favoritism are sin and murder is sin...and to God...they're equally as bad as one another..all sin is measured the same...not one is more or less than the other. By the way...He will talk to you about these, all the things you did in this life that is, before you spend eternity with him...it's not my word...it's His. (CHOKE)
*Being a christian doesn't mean LIFE will be EASY. Life is Life...there will be problems-obstacles-mountains-valleys-victories-challenges-worries-tragedies---but there is a promise...Jesus can hold your hand through all of it...good AND bad. He will be there with you...ALL THE TIME.

That's a lot to swallow. So I'll stop for now.
I'm just thinking...that's all.
SO, in other words...These are My Thoughts.

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